July 12, 2020


Aspray Transport Ltd a niche transport company that operated in the segment of the market occupied by DX and Tufnells sadly now ceased trading, 30 year old business which failed to pass on the costs of the living wage, and adapt to lower employment, could have turned around if it had embraced the pallet network model which has transformed the finances of many of its peers.

CommonTime a really interesting company with great potential that operates in the NHS smart app market, it has seen many ups and downs but now has a product that has a great future, challenge being to clear its debts and to break into enough NHS trusts before competition increases and there are a good number of these pushing harder into this market. Has issues with its sales team, but has recognised that and brought in stronger individuals.

Fire Detection Ltd – a leading provider of fire prevention and fire alarm equipment based in Avonmouth, it really is great that we have some many companies in the UK active in the prevention of accidents and to save lives in times of real crisis.