March 28, 2020


The following is a collection of useful sites which I have found to be valuable to are a part of my network (disclosed on each) this is very much work in progress so check back to see for updates.

Gravatar – this is used by blogs all around the world and means that an author has a common profile which can be updated then appears associated with all their blogs. My gravatar is here.

Reporting Accounts – is my main site, and the sister site to Report and Accounts I am using it to develop my main concept that of a business intelligence site serving the UK market.

Article Alley – my previously hugely popular content publishing site, which is undergoing a development at the moment.

Recruitsleuth – a great website and app range, that takes data from sources including Reporting Account and displays it in a helpful way for recruiters and candidates alike.

Linkedin – this has grown to be a far better resource that it ever was 10 years ago, I even have a few articles live on Linkedin, check out my free company information article