Over the last two years we have been steadily building up the presence of this blog and our main site Reporting Account around the web.  This page covers some of the key milestones we have passed over this time.


These days you don’t seem to have a proper site unless you have apps!  Well maybe that is taking things a bit far,  but we’ve been developing apps

Android – Our most established and successful attempt so far.


Not apps as such but plugins for Browsers.

Chrome  – Also our longest established

MS Edge – this is a great one




We have come late to podcasting, but are trying hard to catch back up,  already our podcasts can be found in many places.

Google Podcasts as you might expect Google is trying to dominate this niche like so many others.

Anchor – a great platform that allows you to easily distribute your podcasts.

Buzzsprout Another really good place with submission and distributions options.

Community sites

We are active on a number of site

Github – the in place for developers to share code

Gitlabs – a test lab for Github developers.

Web 2.0 sites

We feature on a number of quality sites such as Strikingly


We’ve keep away from these by and large but we are listed in a few such as Europages, which you read about here.


Moneysaving experts – this is a great community with loads of members (millions even)

We will keep updating this page as its a useful aim memoir ))


We now have our own podcast channel which we share with our sisters companies FD Capital and Execcapital.

Free Webinars.

We are also trialling free webinars.

Social Media

We are enjoying using – see our page here.

Job Boards

Indeed the popular Jobs board now showcases a selection of our open opportunities. See FD Capital on Indeed.

Interesting Places


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