SIC Codes

Companies in the UK are categorised according to a standard convention call the SIC code, this is used for a variety of purposes by different organisations such as the office for national statistics to help Government to plan and organise economic development.

The code is useful for end-users also, so for example if you are looking to target a particular type of business, say for example companies in the Oil and Gas sector, then searching all companies within the Sic code that match to that field is a great way to identify your targets.

Every company in the UK must file what is called a confirmation statement and that allows the Directors to select or change the most appropriate category on an annual basis.

Here at Report and Accounts, we are developing our search functionality to allow you to search using just this field alone, and then to be able to download companies that match your chosen criteria. We will soon offer this purchase as part of our planned expanded range of products.

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