Covid-19 and the UK economy

Whilst the world has seen many pandemics, the UK like so many other countries around the World has watch from a distance without adequately preparing for the impact that such an outbreak would have here.

Sadly of course the UK has been hit hard, and wasn’t very well prepared, we were slow to test and even today flights are arriving at Heathrow from Italy and the USA and there are no scanners or even basic questions about if travellers are infected or not. So it seems the UK has a lot of lessons that it is finding hard to take on board.

The NHS has done a great job or rather its front line staff have, but again this pandemic shows high lumbering and inefficient the UK health service is. The economy has had to be shut down because of worries that the NHS is unable to cope should infection rates get out of hand.

Hopefully lessons will be learned, but these will be very painful, at the cost of 10,000’s of good companies that would otherwise have grown and developed, but now will be out of business.

The travel and hospitality sectors have been increbible hard hit, and really good people are suffering all as a result, though of course travel requires international locations to also be clear.

Hopefully some positives will come out of this, more people will work from home and cut down the use of public transport, with all its now all too obvious health risks.