Nuplace Ltd Telford Housing Company

Nuplace Ltd Telford Housing Company

If you are interested in renting a Nuplace home, don’t forget to register to be the first to know about the new property. The latest development at Rowan View in Snedshill is letting tenants move in and people will move in later this year.

The news articles and features relating to Telford Borough, Telfords, Wrekin and Shropshire, as well as traffic and travel incidents reported. The queue to get through the Telford & Shropshshire Star and see the latest news, features, photos and videos from the new Nuplace development at Rowan View.

Housing sites highlighted in the report include a range of specialist assisted housing for vulnerable residents and programmes provided by the 100% company. The housing mix will be refined over the next few months and is expected to include new facilities for people over 55 who can provide care if needed, so that people can live independently in old age. This will deliver the benefits identified and reduce the cost to the NHS of social care and reduce the cost of social care. Homes were built in Rowan View and tenants moved into the newest residential development in Snedshill, Telford, in February 2019.

We secure sites we can trust to provide the best possible service to our residents and make nomination arrangements that meet their needs.

With offices in England, Scotland and Wales, Lovell offers a full range of services and can provide a variety of employment and housing services, as well as training and support services. Star Employment Services advises young people from the North East, South East and North West of the UK on their employment opportunities.

Nuplace’s main activities are the development of affordable housing for people with learning and physical disabilities in Maple Fields. The homes were designed to enable people over 55 to live independently and to improve confidence in the home, and were developed in partnership with the local community and local health and social organisations. Maple Fields comprises two affordable 19 ‘special apartments, which are specially designed to support people with special needs so that they can continue their lives independently. This allows people without learning or physical disabilities to live as independently as possible and supports people with mental health problems.

Nuplace has built an excellent professional working relationship with Lovell, who was shortlisted for a number of awards for his work on the Donnington Wood project. Stuart Penn, Lovelli’s chief executive, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with the council and Nuplace Ltd once again to create homes that truly meet the needs of the community. The new contract at Donnington Wood continues this award – a successful partnership that builds on this success and supports the council’s broader housing strategy. Councillor John Wright, chief executive of the council’s Housing and Community Development Board, said: “NUplace is a great success story for the council and we are proud to continue to work with developer and developer Lovell to bring more high quality homes to the borough for rent. ]

Lovell is one of the world’s leading construction and regeneration groups in the UK with offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, London and Glasgow. The company has a strong track record in residential refurbishment, including the development of over 1,000 new homes in England and Wales. This means being able and confident to deliver on your promises to tenants, going the extra mile and being professional and competent while maintaining an entrepreneurial streak and delivering on what tenants want.

The Shropshire FA is proud to promote the football County have played in the FA Cup, League of England and League Cup as well as the UEFA Champions League. The Foundation owns, administers, operates and operates a number of football clubs, clubs and academies throughout the county, with a strong focus on the development and development of the local community. It is based in Ketley, Telford and covers the area around the town and surrounding villages of Telford, Shrewsbury, Telford and surrounding towns and villages. It covers a total area of about 2,000 hectares of land in various areas.

Nuplace is the first company wholly owned by Telford and Wrekin Council and has attracted strong interest from other local authorities in its efforts to promote housing provision. To date, Lovell and Nuplace have worked together to develop seven sites throughout the city, of which 329 have been inhabited so far. Nu place has been identified as one of several sites that could be developed by the council to help provide local housing and transform communities visually, practically and economically. The report highlights the success of individual industrial sites, including the start-up units at the former industrial site in Shrewsbury and the new residential units in Ketley.

This new housing solution would meet the district’s housing needs while generating income and capital growth. The success of this approach is clear, including the ability to help tenants feel confident that Nuplace is owned by the community and that the strength of its brand has continued to grow. To ensure that the process from the first request to the move in is as smooth and smooth as possible, Nu Place is committed to being a responsible landlord to its tenants. This has raised the standard of rental properties in terms of the quality of the house, landlord and service.


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