Telford and Wrekin and their so called climate emergency

Last year my local authority Telford and Wrekin declared a climate change emergency, this was a brave move by the Council and recognises that that World is in trouble and urgent action is needed to address the issue of Climate Change and CO2 emmissions.

However what has been done in the last six months? Well very little indeed it seems, there has been no change to the Council’s policy on vehicle procurement, though that is been planned for, there has nothing done to address the fact that T&W is bottom of the league for the number of charging points in the Borough. Some things are being thought about for the Councils own staff and buildings, but what about the Borough in general.

House building is moving forward at a rapid place, but no requirements for solar panels, heat exchangers and so on, just standard gas central heating builds with no charging points and all homes being built to the same old minimum building regulations.

Sadly this is just a PR exercise at present, when it should be a leadership by example program. There has been no emergency budget, no change nothing of substance.

Shame on Telford and Wrekin!