Lookers Group is a multi-franchise dealer group, who is responsible for the representation of 32 volume premium and volume automobile manufacturers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This means the group is a car dealership group, who work with several car manufacturers to help sell their brands.

Founded in 1908 by John Looker, the Lookers Group was first located in Manchester where it primarily involved itself with the sale of bicycle and its parts, and accessories. The company also occasionally sold used cars. Before the first world war, Lookers Group thrived on solely dealing with Ford products, and it was successful to an extent. In 1910, the company came to an agreement with a certain garage owner in Manchester, in Hardman Street. This merge will go on to form the Lookers Limited. In 1911, the new merge built a new garage in the same street. John Looker hoped to use this space to accomodate the growing business that the Fords were generating.

In 1918, Lookers Ltd was selected as a distributor of Austin motors, and this aided the growth of the company in Cheshire and Lancanshire. The company also bought more garages to accomodate their growing business partners. The deal with Austin Motors became so profitable for both parties that the slang “Lookers is Austin” was on the lips of everyone.

However, John Looker retired in 1929. The business continued to become even more successful until 1939, the year the second World War started. Due to several understandable factors, the business began to crumble. But of course, after the war in 1945, the company began healing, and had its first major acquisition in the 1960s. After this, the group moved to Yorkshire.

More than 12 years later in 1973, the company moved its headquarters to Chester Road, from Hardman Street where it had been for many years. After that, the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange. This allowed the company to be able to expand properly.

The Group is now headed by CEO, Mark Raban, and it had a revenue of £3.649 billion in 2015.

Today, the headquarters of the company is located in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, and it is one of the largest motor retailers in the United Kingdom. The group represents a number of vehicle manufacturers, such as Peugeot, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Vauxhall, and so on. Clients can select from an extensive range of several car types. Also, the group operates as a middleman for used cars, and also offers car repair services in its services centres which are scattered across the UK.

What Lookers Group offer clients is a step-by-step guidance when you want to buy your first or second car. The group also offer upgrade services in case you now have a family, or need another car that fits your current lifestyle. A number of their other services include accident repair facilities, aftersales provisions, and vehicle servicing.

Lookers Group prides itself on its staff of dedicated professionals, with several years of experience in their chosen fields. All of these have been put in place to ensure you purchase the most ideal car.

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