Brexit Day is finally here

Well I can’t believe it but Brexit has finally arrived, any how easy it was once the Brexit blockers were removed from Parliament, I don’t think those selfish MP’s spared any thought for the economic damage their dithering caused last year. The whole point of Parliament is for it to represent the will of the people, not to twist and resist it at every opportunity.

Anyway I take my hat off to Nigel Farage who has driven this whole agenda for the last 20 years, and what a stunning victory for Boris Johnson, without him we really would have been lost, but his popular charm brought victory and with that a majority enough to drive all of this through.

I expect trade negogiations to be straightforward, the EU can’t and won’t offer everything we want but its in their interest to agree to a free trade deal, as we are one of their largest export market.

Boris is also 100% on the money with his plans for Infrastructure spending, the Midlands and North of England really need it after decades of Labour under investment, so HS2 and possibly a bridge between Scotland and Ireland will be a fantastic boost to the economy.

I really hope for a budget with a long term plan to reduce income tax, particularly the abolition of the 45% rate and reducing both the starting point and rate of the current higher rate 40% – we need the £80K starting point Boris mentioned in the pre-election period and a lower actual rate, maybe 30% or 25%, though I accept this can’t happen in a very short time scale but if we move in that direction, the economy and country will really be transformed, to become the economic powerhouse we always used to be.