Exec Capital launches International Team

Exec Capital launches International Team

London, November 2023 | Exec Capital, London’s leading executive recruitment agency, is expanding its global reach with the launch of its international team. The specialist recruiter is opening a full-service office in Dubai, handling clients in the Middle East, while the London office continues to focus on domestic and international clients.

Exec Capital are London-based recruiters specialising in C-suite and senior executive recruitment. They recruit for a full portfolio of C-suite and executive roles across multiple industries, including CEO, CMO, and CFO.

The agency offers a 360-degree approach to recruitment, working with SMEs, start-ups, and scaling companies. It operates across multiple industries, including technology, e-commerce, construction, financial services, fintech, and facility management. The agency offers a full-service executive recruitment portfolio with a bespoke range of hiring solutions, including traditional recruitment, executive search, succession planning, and headhunting.

Exec Capital’s London office will continue to manage UK and other international opportunities as the agency grows its global network. The agency’s goal is to make industry-leading talent more accessible to start-ups and SMEs earlier in their life cycle through part-time and interim recruitment. Its international team will continue this work in the Middle East, reflecting the growing demand for more flexible executive roles across every sector.

Exec Capital takes a data-driven approach to recruitment, leveraging industry insights and the latest technology to streamline the hiring process and identify the most suitable candidate. Its customisable recruitment services can be tailored to address the specific requirements of any organisation – allowing clients to create a custom package to meet their hiring needs.

The Exec Capital international team is made up of entrepreneurs and former executives who understand both sides of the recruitment process. This unique insight enables Exec Capital to be a client and candidate-driven recruitment agency. The international team will offer support for candidates throughout their career progression with mentorship and application advice.

About Exec Capital: Exec Capital is a boutique executive recruitment agency based in London that operates throughout the UK with a growing international presence with a serviced office in Dubai. The agency connects start-ups and businesses with senior C-suite and executive professionals on a part-time, interim, and remote basis.

Exec Capital offers specialist recruitment for senior executives across multiple industries and specialisms, including risk management, compliance, fundraising, and private equity. It provides both executive search and headhunting services as part of its 360-degree approach to recruitment.

You can find out more about Exec Capital and its international team at www.execcapital.co.uk

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