Leveraging music sites to your benefit

We recently launched a range of podcasts and whilst exploring ways to get them “out there” I came across the usual podcast directories and hosting platforms but also the range of music sites.  I’ve never previously considered using these to get traction or engagement to any of my own sites, and probably like everyone else just listen to my fav music from my youth!

Anyway I am trying them out, as I’ve discovered they are podcast friendly as well as being fun places to hang out.

So here are the sites I’ve tried so far

SoundCloud this was probably the one I was most familar with.

Here is my soundcloud and as you can see I’ve uploaded a selection of my podcasts and we’ll see what sort of traction they get, I’ve picked up a few followers at least if nothing else.

Next is MixCloud

Mixcloud is similar to soundcloud a frustrating thing is they auto-delete short sound files which makes it tricky.  So I am recording some longer ones in an attempt to get one to stick!

Bandcamp is my last one for now.

They also seem to have an issue with my tracks this time because they are very specific about the audio file format, so far only one of my podcasts has gotten live and the others say “no audio”


I am working on these issue and will update you all with progress.

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